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8 Tips You Must Consider When Buying Hemp-Derived CBD Products

If you’re reading this then you have probably heard about CBD (cannabidiol) and its many potential health benefits by now. From pain and inflammation, to anxiety, stress, and insomnia, CBD has been making waves in the natural supplements and health & fitness industry. Whether you heard about it from a friend, family member, or coworker who has been

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The Future Of Sports and CBD

CBD is a supplement that is widely known and widely misunderstood.  As the opioid epidemic continues in America, it has also affected professional athletes, with all major sports organizations experiencing a high rate of opioid addiction.  CBD, on the other hand, is not addictive and completely natural.  So why isn’t CBD being prescribed instead of addictive painkillers? Common

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CBD 101: The Basics

CBD EDUCATION Over the last couple decades there has been a growing interest in Cannabidiol (CBD).  The beneficial effects on the body have made CBD a growing topic of medical conversation worldwide.  There have been constant updates throughout the years with innovative scientific discoveries, new personal claims, and dramatic debates about the powerful benefits of CBD for all of

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